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Making water


out of thin air

Water shortages are becoming increasingly common and day zero has become a reality in many places.

At Nebula Labs, we are developing a system to provide accessible clean water through fog harvesting. We are doing this by using advanced nano materials which are engineered to harvest fog and filter water for safe use.

For dry or wet climates.


In remote places or large cities.

Making water out of thin air.



By using nano materials we have the technology to harvest and filter water out of fog

Project Planning

We provide clients the best and the most tailored solution


Suitable to install in any weather, space and environment


We are a green thinking company committed to the people and the environment

How can we future-proof your business?

We implement your unique requirements for an efficient and ecological solution to fog harvesting.

We combine our nano-technologies and eco-technologies to deliver the best solution.

Meet The Team

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